Group Members:

Principal Investigator:

Sinan Keten, Ph.D., CV

Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University
Tech A133, 2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3109
Tel: (847) 491-5282

Post-doctoral Associates:

Dr. Wenjie Xia

Coarse-grained modeling of glassy polymers

Dr. Yao Zhang

Modeling of bacterial adhesins and biofilms

Dr. Marco Alsina

Metal ion detection in aquatic media using peptide nanotube membranes

Doctoral Students:

Bobby Sinko

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanics of cellulose nanocrystals and biomolecular materials

Xin Qin

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Mechanics of cellulose polymer nanocomposites

Zhaoxu Meng

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mechanics of graphene oxide nanocomposites and bioinspired materials

Elizabeth DeBenedictis

Mechanical Engineering

Simulation-based design of peptide-based materials

Danielle Ma

Mechanical Engineering

Self-assembly of peptide nanomaterials

Ridvan Kahraman

Materials Science and Engineering

Nanocellulose-Polymer Interactions: Molecular Simulations and Nanoscale Experiments

Nitin Hansoge

Mechanical Engineering

Systematic multi-scale approaches to modeling polymer and bimolecular systems

Kerim Can Dansuk

Mechanical Engineering

Modeling of bioinspired nanocomposites

Martha Dunbar

Mechanical Engineering

Modeling biomolecular materials

Ao Wang

Mechanical Engineering

Modeling of biomolecular materials

Master's Students

Shizhe Feng

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate Researchers:

Jake Song

Materials Science and Engineering

Multi-scale simulation of polymers

Past group members


Dr. Elham Hamed
Dr. Chen Shao
Dr. Meng Shen

Luis Ruiz
Brendan Abberton
David Hsu
Wenjie Xia

Yunqiao Wu
Ari Benjamin

Group Photo (January 2014):

Left to Right: David Hsu, Danielle Ma, Xin Qin, Elham Hamed, Zhaoxu Meng, Meng Shen, Wenjie Xia, Shawn Caeiro, Brendan Abberton, Luis Ruiz, Katherine Yun, Sinan Keten, Bobby Sinko

Group Photo (March 2012):

Left to Right: Luis Ruiz, Sinan Keten, Wylie Stroberg, Wenjie Xia, Paige VonAchen, Shawn Mishra